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Thank you for you interest in registering with Retrofit Crews!

If you are a Lighting Retrofit Contractor and wish to register as a potential subcontractor, please click here. We select subcontractors regionally, so this will assist us in determining which projects are likely within reach of your service area and a good fit. We do require subcontractors to carry worker's compensation insurance and liability insurance to match our own policy. If you are not insured, we will unfortunately not be able to subcontract to you. That specific information is not required at this time.

If you are an Experienced Lighting Retrofit Technician and who would like to register as a lighting technician or crew leader, please click here:. On occasion we do mobilize our in house crews for projects in your area. While there, we may look to supplement our manpower or add to our crews in house for those that can travel.

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